Our Pledge & Core Values

My IT Company and all of our employees believe and have taken a pledge to the following values:

  • I pledge to always act in a manner that is in accordance with my faith-based values.
  • I pledge to never do anything knowingly that may cause damage or harm to my client’s network, data, computer/server, or equipment.
  • I pledge to always use care when working on a client’s system.
  • I pledge to never do work that has not been approved in advanced by a fully informed client.
  • I pledge to work on the project until my client states that they are satisfied.
  • I pledge to only bill for the work that we have actually done, or the amount of time we were actually working on the project.
  • I pledge to always charge a fair value for the services/products I provide.
  • I pledge to always strive to work with like-minded businesses/individuals.
  • I pledge to always be a person of my word.
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